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Help Wanted Guild Name: Subhuman Race Website: Raiding Schedule: To be determined as we recruit members What our Guild can offer:A relaxed and fun raiding environment. A competitive Warfronts Group/s. A diverse group of players to engage in activities with.
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Subhuman Race

Welcome to the home of Subhuman Race on the web! We hope you enjoy your visit.

Our goal as a guild is to enable our members to accomplish their 'in-game' goals without sacrificing our friendships and our ideals. We value maturity, playing at your own pace, and being able to have fun. We never pressure our members to level or even to log on, and we strive for a balance by focusing equally on all areas of the game.
We focus on the idea that our journey matters more than our destination
and we hope to make every play session enjoyable for our members.
We are but a new guild, small and discreet, but we are proud of the community we have forged.
Let us make it stronger...

We are excited about the future of Rift: Planes of Telara, and hope to see many developments on Trion Worlds, Inc. part that not only better the game, but make it more interesting. We've taken our first steps in the world of Telara, and the promise of adventure, excitement, and discovery awaits at every turn.

We recognize that only with a strong foundation can a guild truly achieve their goals, and thus we are always looking for new members to join our Ranks. We value diversity, and all styles of play are welcome - whether you're an adventurer or a crafter, an explorer or an achiever, you are welcome here.
If you are interested, please visit our forums to post an application there.

We are a guild dedicated to having fun, plain and simple. The founders are long-time gammers, and we feel that the best way to enjoy Rift is with a great group of other players. We are looking to expand and grow from our humble beginnings to become something that enhances every members gameplay! Several people have already heeded our call, but we want more. Anyone is welcome, as long as you can treat others with respect and honour
(remember that whole have fun thing?).

  • We believe in teamwork and mutual assistance.
  • We accept all races and classes.
  • Newbies or veterans are equally welcome.
  • Our website is: - It is still under construction, but we do have our Code of Conduct written if you wish to read it. It's quite simple, all Members of Subhuman Race are required to follow it.
  • While things are still just getting started, what with the game's release and all, in the future we plan on having guild events for our Members to participate in and enjoy.

Well, that pretty much sums it up. If you're interested, you can either reply here or look for us in-game. Our main character names are: Humungus -Mungus - Ungus - Ngus


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Working on the Site

SubhumanRaceAdmin, Mar 1, 11 9:11 AM.
Some may notice (because the site will all of a sudden be lacking the Shoutbox, or the stylesheet etc.) I am working on the site this morning to help standardize everything for when the frontpage gets re-upped.

If I break anything, let me know please.
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